The BioNix Band is an innovative product developed by a team of Australian engineers out of frustration of trying to understand the human body. The founders discovered the need for personal health tracking as they prepared for competitive endurance races. The products in the market are currently saturated with preemptive tools like step meters and clocks to measure distance over time. At the higher end of the market you have heart rate monitors that are not accurate and also don’t offer too much insight long term as they are often a burden to wear long term.

As a result, the team assembled to offer an affordable and practical product that can be used in a variety of applications such as:

  1. Weight loss: accurate energy consumption core temperature monitoring
  2. Fitness: accurate energy consumption hydration level monitoring Heart rate monitor Accurate ECG monitoring Motion monitoring
  3. Sleep apnea: ECG monitoring Respiration monitoring Body complex impedance monitoring Movement monitoring
  4. Optimum wakeup alarm ECG monitoring Respiration monitoring Movement monitoring
  5. Medical ECG recording and cardiac analysis Possibility to detect early heart failures by pattern recognition algorithm or other methods.
  6. Monitoring baby’s cardio activity, baby orientation, respiration, and body temperature.
  7. Compatible BPM signal transmit with Polar.

The distinguishing benefits of the BioNix Band in comparison to the competition are:

  1. Accurate and real energy consumption measurement compared to conventional bpm bands which the estimation is extremely inaccurate.
  2. Actual cardio graphic measurement rather than only a bpm value. This is useful for athletes who are after consistent improvement. The information from the ECG (cardio graph) is especially useful to determine when to go hard and when to back off.
  3. Body complex impedance measurement to determine hydration and body fat levels.
  4. Our unique 12-lead ECG eliminates the need of electrodes connected to the arms and legs of a subject. It uses a patented technology to create WCT and an outstanding noise rejection mechanism.  A household kitchen foil played a great role in developing our patented WCT to achieve such high performance in electro cardio graphy.
  5. Electrode connectivity detection mechanism eliminates false alarms.
  6. Ian addition to ECG, it generates standard BPM transmitter signals so it can be used by existing HRM watches, treadmills, bicycles and other GYM equipment.
  7. The internal accelerometers will detect motion and orientation of the subject. This is useful in many ways. Besides knowing the subject’s orientation information, it is used for error correction in ECG measurements in means of detecting and cancelling out the signals from a subjects sudden movements.

We believe the combination of these applications and product benefits offered by the BioNix can offer a better quality of life to people from all ages, shapes or sizes. Human transformation starts with the  persuit of human development, that’s why we believe the BioNix is the perfect life companion.